Tribute to Status Quo Belgian Quo Band
Belgian Quo Band - a tribute to Status Quo

A tribute to Status Quo


The BQB story started in the summer of 2004, shortly after Status Quo’s performance at the Schwung-festival in Roeselare. The rig that Frank Vandaele played with as a twenty-something was set up shortly after that particular concert and son Erwin Vandaele resolutely began self-studying the endless Quo set. By the end of 2007, he was ready for more. Seeing play makes play, and so Frank had clearly got the urge to play again: they decided to start a new tribute band together.


First performance Belgian Quo Band

They searched the internet for a suitable drummer and bass player. In the meantime, they rehearsed almost every day throughout the summer and after these intensive rehearsals they finished the summer at an acceptable level. In October, they came into contact with some musicians, including bassist Lieven. Collective rehearsals started in December, and in 2008 we did our first try-outs in Hertsberge and Maarkedal.

In 2009, the programme mainly included some birthday concerts, an aperitif concert and a TV appearance on AVS.

In 2010, it looked as if – apart from a few small concerts – we would have a rather quiet concert year. Then we decided to change the concept of the band…

In the early years 2008-2010 there was no real tribute band. During performances, only Status Quo songs were played, but we wanted to grow into a real tribute band: let the audience experience the full Quo show!

From 2010 onwards, we worked hard on this new concept and many visual changes were made.

We took into account the Status Quo trademarks: the green and white Fender Telecasters, the white trainers, Rossi’s white shirt and overcoat, the correct positions on the stage, the right choreography and even Rossi’s “mug shot” in order to approach Status Quo as closely as possible.

This new concept clearly caught on in 2011 with concerts at all kinds of events.

In November, our first DVD “The Legends Concert” was released. We were also guests for a film shoot, and as icing on the cake we were opener of the Tribute Festival in the Brielpoort in Deinze in December.

In 2012, we continued the excellent line-up of 2011. Quite a few shows were planned and gradually BQB also started to draw the attention of our northern neighbours. In the spring, we crossed the border into the Netherlands three times and were ready for the autumn.

In 2013 we worked hard to raise the band’s profile, especially in the form of press articles and interviews on local radio stations all over Flanders.

With concerts at the AB Bierfeesten in Oudenaarde, the Gentse Feesten on the Sint-Baafsplein, Tribute Festivals, a long list of summer concerts from the sea to Limburg and some big concerts in Germany and the Netherlands, we have definitely put ourselves on the map in 2013.

As a bonus, we worked hard in the autumn of 2013 on Status Quo’s trademark: the famous white Marshall wall was added as the last missing element to our show.

With this last adjustment, we stood there in 2014 as a full-fledged Tribute Band. The tight Quo rhythm, the same guitars, backline, clothing, stage set-up and choreography, but especially creating the same atmosphere as at a real Quo show are our trademarks.

All these things have contributed to the great success of 2014. BQB was a guest at countless festivals and events from January to December such as Parkpop Oostkamp, Genk On Stage, Festival aan Zee, Swinging Hulsen, Dessel swingt, Tribute Festivals all over Belgium and the Netherlands, Stroppenconcerten Halle, Brouwerijfeesten Oudenaarde, Weerdse Bierfeesten, …

We also contributed to several charities and tried to break the world record for air guitar on 26 July during the Gentse Feesten on the Sint-Baafsplein. Click here to see an image of the world record attempt >

As icing on the cake, we were guests in Dautphe (Germany) on 10/08 to replace Status Quo themselves during Rockin’ Hinterland Dautphe. This because of a sick Rick Parfitt. Especially these last two events did not go unnoticed by the press and thus BQB was in 2014 also a guest at Marcel Vanthilt’s Hotel M op één, the VTM news and the AVS news.

Furthermore, there were interviews on dozens of radio stations, including national stations JoeFM, Q-Music and Studio Brussel and dozens of articles were published in national newspapers (see page PRESS). On 21/09 BQB was also a guest at JoeFM after Status Quo’s concert that evening for the “Top 2000” in the Lotto Arena.

ord attempt last year at the Gentse Feesten – Sint-Baafs, we wanted to do something special again in 2015. The highlight of the year is therefore undoubtedly our successful ROCK TIL’ YOU DROP tour on 12/09 with which we once again made it to the press and national radio stations such as MNM, Radio 2, JoeFM, STUBRU and regional TV (RINGTV) in abundance (see PRESS ).

Rock till you drop

In 1991 Status Quo succeeded in playing 4 full concerts in less than 12 hours at 4 different locations in England. We repeated this stunt successfully in Flanders. We played a full show in Olen, Nieuwenrode, Snaaskerke and Schuiferskapelle each time and all this in less than 12 hours. To make this possible, we could count on very special transport and a fantastic crew. You can read all about it on our facebook page and watch the RTYD aftermovie here.  Status Quo also found out about this stunt and so we were able to arrange a real meet and greet between both bands. They wanted to meet those “crazy Belgians”, because no tribute had gone this far in “imitating” them.

Also in 2016 the train was unstoppable and the success kept growing, at the end of the year we were even in Mali (Africa) on stage for a European military mission!

We stayed there for a few days at the military base and gave a performance on New Year’s Eve for all the soldiers present. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!

We celebrated our 10th anniversary with lots of gigs, in July and August alone we had 18 gigs!  We were at the Rockin’ Hinterland Festival in Dautphe (Germany) for the third time, where we once replaced Status Quo.  Being asked back is the best compliment a band can get, so in 2017 we were in Assendelft for the 6th (!!!) time.  In Deurne (NL) we were at the Walhalla Zomerfestival in 2014, but were now asked back as headliner.  Furthermore, there were really top performances at the Paulusfeesten in Ostend and Yesterdayland in Bobbejaanland.  To make everything extra festive, we also brewed our own beer that year, what do I say?  2 beers!  Also following the example of Status Quo of course, because they also have their own beer.

In 2018, we took a year of rest, because the past 10 years had been very intense.

The line-up was also adjusted, as Erwin had other goals in life and could no longer combine the heavy schedule with work and private life.

Frank also decided to quit, so we ended up working with Geert “Parfitt” Callens and Rik “Rossi” Michels.

When we announced the restart of the band, there was great media interest and we did no less than XXXX radio interviews in one weekend.

At the end of the year, the band played 2 gigs in England and was followed by a group of Belgian fans, talk about “loyal followers”!

With our new Rossi & Parfitt we can go on for many years, even Corona could not stop us in 2020 and 2021!

Belgian Quo Band is a well-oiled machine that always creates an ambiance. Both in front of, but certainly also on stage.

Wherever we are, it is always a party when we get to perform. In 2022 we exist 15 years and that will certainly not go unnoticed!

Music is our life, our fans are our motivation!

Belgian Quo Band officially recognised by Status Quo

On the official Status Quo website a link was made to our site.

Belgian Quo Band - tribute to Status Quo