Tribute to Status Quo Belgian Quo Band
Belgian Quo Band - a tribute to Status Quo

A tribute to Status Quo

Music & video

A Belgian Quo Band concert is an experience, the music of Status Quo is known by every generation and the air-guitars are never far away.

We mirror our heroes musically completely, a tightly played set with the classics, non-static musicians and a drive that will not let go, that’s what we stand for.

The tribute band for your festival or event!

  • Jaarverslag 2017

  • Promo 2017

    Belgian Quo Band promo 2017
  • Mali 2016

  • Trailer BQB 2007 - 2017

    Belgian Quo band 10 Years
  • This was 2015

    This was 2015 Belgian Quo Band
  • Live is Life JoeFM 2015

    Live is life JoeFM met Nathalie Delporte
  • Rock 'til you drop 2015

    Rock 'til you drop aftermovie 2015
  • This was 2014

  • Aftermovie Worldrecord Airguitar

  • Belgian Quo Band promo

  • This was 2013

  • Compilatie Gentse Feesten

  • Cult & Tumult 28 september 2013